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Get Bookly PRO Plugin at an Affordable Price Now!

​If you’re looking for an affordable and easy-to-use booking plugin for your WordPress website, look no further than Bookly PRO. This powerful plugin allows you to take bookings and appointments directly from your website, making it easy for your customers to schedule appointments and pay for services. Best of all, Bookly PRO is very affordable, starting at just 750 BDT for a single site license.

Bookly PRO Plugin – Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software System

Bookly PRO Plugin Automated online booking & scheduling because of WordPress: utterly customizable reserving shape along with online payments, notifications, and Google Calendar sync.

The non-appearance mass of Bookly includes:

  • Fully-customizable reserving form so much can lie used over someone’s device;
  • Filterable, sortable yet searchable reserving list that you do seal or export to CSV;
  • Unlimited number of Staff Members together with unaccompanied work schedules, prices, and capability in imitation of square their profiles then on-line booking calendar;
  • Unlimited variety of Services which you may team between categories and then put in unique colorings because less difficult to view of Bookly Calendar;
  • Importable yet exportable purchaser wretched along unlimited consumers listing which displays repayments stats yet intestinal notes as regards the client;
  • Various templates because customizable Email and SMS notifications;
  • 2-way synchronization of Bookly Calendar yet Google Calendar as robotically reflects entire updates among Bookly between your Google Calendar;
  • Integration together with PayPal Express Checkout, the list regarding completed then pending payments;
  • Built-in analytics along with reserving statistics;
  • WooCommerce compatibility;
  • Multi-language aid – 12 languages included;
  • Six months regarding 24/7 online consumer support.

Get Your WordPress Site Set Up Easily with Bookly PRO Plugin

​If you’ve been wanting to get a WordPress site set up but feel overwhelmed by all the technical jargon, then this post is for you! I’m going to show you how easy it is to get up and running with the Bookly PRO plugin.

First, head over to the Bookly website and purchase the Bookly PRO Plugin. It’s a bit pricey at $97, but it’s worth it for the time it will save you.

Once you have the plugin, install it on your WordPress site. Then, go to the Bookly settings page and input your PayPal information. This is so people can book appointments or buy products directly from your site.

Now, create a few pages for your site. I would suggest a home page, an about page, a contact page, and a page for each of your services. Make sure to add the Bookly shortcode to each of these pages so people can book appointments directly from your site.

Next, create some posts and add them to your blog. You can write about anything related to your business, such as tips, news, or behind-the-scenes looks.

Last, promote your site! Make sure to let people know that you now have a WordPress site up and running. You can do this by adding a link to your site on your social media accounts, passing out business cards, or even telling people in person.

Now you have a fully functioning WordPress site that makes it easy for people to book appointments or buy products from you. Bookly makes the whole process simple and straightforward, so you can focus on running your business.

What Features Does Bookly PRO Plugin Include?

Bookly PRO Plugin is an amazing WordPress plugin that allows you to easily create, manage, and sell appointments and bookings online. It’s packed with tons of features and is extremely easy to use, making it a great choice for both small businesses and larger enterprises alike.

Some of the great features included in Bookly PRO are:

-Online appointment booking and management
-Sell appointments and bookings online
-Integrated payment processing
-Automatic email and SMS reminders
-Google Calendar integration
-Multi-lingual support
-And much more!

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, feature-packed online booking solution, then Bookly PRO is definitely worth considering. It’s one of the most popular plugins of its kind and comes at a very reasonable price.

Online Payment Integration with Bookly PRO Plugin

​Online Payment Integration with Bookly PRO Plugin

Are you looking for an easy way to accept online payments? Look no further than the Bookly PRO Plugin! With this powerful WordPress plugin, you can easily accept payments via PayPal, Stripe, or

The Bookly PRO Plugin makes it easy to take payments online. You can accept payments via PayPal, Stripe, or with just a few clicks. And, you can also set up recurring payments so that your customers can pay you automatically each month. More Plugins Cheap Price

Plus, the Bookly PRO Plugin is super affordable. You can get it for just 750 BDT per year. That’s a great price for a plugin that will save you time and money.

So, if you’re looking for an easy way to take payments online, the Bookly PRO Plugin is the perfect solution. Get it today and start taking payments tomorrow!

Bookly PRO Plugin: A Reliable Appointment Scheduling Tool

​The Bookly PRO plugin is an appointment scheduling tool that is reliable, easy to use, and affordable. It is a great choice for small businesses and individuals who need a simple way to schedule appointments. The plugin is designed to work with the WordPress platform and can be installed and configured in minutes.

The Bookly PRO plugin has a number of features that make it a great choice for appointment scheduling. It includes a calendar, appointment reminders, online booking, and payment processing. The plugin is easy to use and can be configured to fit your specific needs.

The Bookly PRO plugin is a great choice for small businesses and individuals who need a simple way to schedule appointments. It is easy to use and can be configured to fit your specific needs.

Secure and Easy Online Bookings with Bookly PRO Plugin

​Are you looking for a secure and easy way to take online bookings? Look no further than the Bookly PRO plugin! This amazing plugin makes online booking easy and secure, and it’s super affordable too!

With Bookly PRO, you can take bookings 24/7 without any hassle. Simply install the plugin and add your booking form to your website. Customers can then book appointments or classes directly through your website.

Bookly PRO is perfect for businesses of all types and sizes. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, Bookly PRO can help you take your business to the next level. There’s no need to worry about missed appointments or double bookings – Bookly PRO takes care of it all!

What’s more, Bookly PRO is designed to be fully responsive so it looks great on all devices. Your customers can book appointments on the go, from their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

What is Bookly Pro?

Bookly Pro is an add-on that requires the Bookly plugin for WordPress websites. With Bookly, your clients can make bookings for service right on your site. No need for time-consuming phone calls or face-to-face meetings.

According to many reviews, Bookly is the best booking plugin for WP. It’s a unique booking system that is under constant development to stay on top. Our programmers never stop working to satisfy your requests and concerns.

So if you’re ready to automate booking on your (or your client’s) website, Bookly could be the appointment software you’re looking for.

What you would need to replicate Bookly – without Bookly?

If you wanted your website to accept bookings online, you would choose Bookly, right? But what if you didn’t?

First of all, you’d need an expert programmer to set a booking system up on your website. If you didn’t wish to keep this expert on your payroll, you’d need to train up one of your current employees to keep it all running. This first step costs time and money.

Next you would have to train each of your staff members on how to use this software. This can also cost a lot of time, depending on how complicated the system is.

Then you would have to hire someone in a secretarial role to handle the bookings and allocate staff members.

It could become quite a messy business.

That’s why Bookly is such a great plugin. It takes all of these moving parts out and adds them into a simple plugin with powerful capabilities.

Let’s take a look at some of those capabilities.

So why wait? Get started today with Bookly PRO and take your business to the next level!

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