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JetEngine For Elementor

JetEngine Overview

JetEngine is a must-have plugin because Elementor allowing according to effect custom publish types, custom taxonomy, assemble Elementor-built templates for the custom post type or taxonomy terms. It presents the put in on dynamic list widgets because showing strong content material then approves in accordance with build grid then record layouts because of the custom posts then terms the use of the almost complex query methods.

Enjoy developing customized publish types and customized meta fields barring the usage of CSS or PHP! You’ll stand capable in imitation of circulate instant customized posts, taxonomies, or effect templates including Elementor the use of main content widgets except the want in conformity with seem into the database, or discover coding.

With JetEngine you’ll keep in a position in imitation of bring about even the nearly problematic duties yet assignment about the near hard projects, maintaining the whole thing as like easy so that execute be!



Create customized post kinds after assemble somebody custom posts thou need, structure Services and Team Members in imitation of Portfolio yet Products. You’ll stand flabbergasted along whether easy thou do trade the customized put up kind settings, Gather meta fields, embark hierarchical structure.


Add custom taxonomies according to someone post kind yet web page ye need, in conformity with enable the greater complicated question methods. It is a surprise how much some perform gender a custom taxonomy together with hierarchy because specific put up types yet usage custom fields for including also more statistics about the taxonomy terms, such as thumbnails, repeaters or timestamps.


With JetEngine ye can use the embark over distinctive widgets for showing brawny content material including Elementor. You’ll be in a position in imitation of build the fully-fledged Single publish page together with dynamic fields because exhibiting put up title, content, thumbnail image, then somebody other type over content introduced within the meta boxes. More


Use the strong content widgets in imitation of gender the alone listings for the terms. With the put in over widgets for exhibiting brawny fields, repeaters or photos you’ll stay able to fulfill style upon thy phrases according after you needs.


Create meta fields for exceptional types over content! You perform Gather imagery, galleries, sliders, a colorpicker then countless Select selections to somebody customized submit kind then taxonomy within a rely over clicks.


Dynamic Field ruin is instituted because exhibiting the content beside both meta fields and the post then time period data, because of posts or taxonomies list templates. The widget pulls the facts or shows it the usage of the employ fashion then content settings.


Dynamic conceit widget presents opportunity after drag the thumbnail photograph yet any other photo introduced namely the media within the meta area in accordance with showcase it concerning the pages shaped including Elementor. This is the potent loss as execute remain effortlessly back for developing templates because customized publish types and taxonomies.


Dynamic Link harm helps in including the links in accordance with the listings, as show the content out of the predefined source.


Dynamic Meta loss allows displaying the default meta data (usually wanted because the posts), certain namely the publishing date, author or data in relation to comments.


Dynamic Repeater danger is done because showing repeating blocks engage for the customized put up types yet taxonomies (this do lie made into meta packing containers yet then you beget a meta area yet select the Repeater content material type).With the repeater you’ll stand able according to add tables, photograph galleries yet any other repeating content material kind of a pro!


Dynamic Terms danger provides chance according to conjoin the taxonomies according to the custom publish types. Use that harm in imitation of display the terms that are utilized in imitation of the needed custom put up listing.


Showcase the associated posts beside the unique class and the use of tags regarding the odd submit page template! With the extra macros codes ye be able gender the related posts bunker really easy!


Showcase the customized posts and terms among listing and grid layouts the use of the complicated query methods yet one of a kind design structure to that amount is handy according to set.

etEngine Plugin: Overview and Review

One of the features offered by Elementor Pro is the ability to add dynamic content (read: Elementor Free vs Elementor Pro). This feature allows you to add dynamic content to your designs, be it pages or theme builder templates. Although this feature is useful enough to create dynamic WordPress websites with Elementor, it has some downsides. You can only add default dynamic content types of WordPress such as featured image, post meta (date, time, comment counts, and so on), post title, page title, site title, author info, author meta, WooCommerce product price, WooCommerce product stock, and so on. There are no options to add custom dynamic content types like custom post typescustom fields, or custom taxonomies. JetEngine was created to fill the hole.

If you have ever used the ACF plugin before, JetEngine is pretty similar to it. The difference is, JetEngine is developed specifically for Elementor (initially. It is now also supports Gutenberg and Bricks Builder). You can use it to create custom dynamic content types and then add them to your Elementor designs or Gutenberg.

What is JetEngine?

JetEngine is a part of JetPlugins, a set of premium Elementor add-ons developed by Crocoblock. There are 18 add-ons in the set in total. As mentioned earlier, JetEngine is a plugin to create custom content types in WordPress, much like ACF. The difference is, this plugin is designed specifically for Elementor. The custom content types are created in the JetEngine backend (dashboard) and you can then add them to your Elementor designs via the Elementor editor.

You can create custom content types according to the needs of the website you want to create. Some custom content types you can create with JetEngine are:

  • Custom post types
  • Custom fields
  • Custom taxonomies
  • Custom forms
  • Listing items
  • Dynamic calendar
  • Dynamic gallery
  • Dynamic map
  • And several other custom content types

The default setting of JetEngine can only be used to create listing items, custom post types, custom fields, and custom taxonomies. To be able to create other custom content types, you need to enable the modules.

JetEngine is a paid plugin that costs $43 per year. A bit cheaper than ACF Pro which costs $49 per year. You can get JetEngine on the official website of Crocoblock.

How JetEngine Works

As we mentioned in the intro section, you can create the custom content types in the JetEngine backend and use the custom content types you created on the Elementor editor when creating a page or template. This is great as you don’t need to ruin your design to change the values or add new items of the dynamic content on your design. Every change you made on the dynamic content won’t affect your design.

To give you an overview, let’s take an example by creating some custom fields. Go to JetEngine -> Meta Boxes on your WordPress dashboard. Click the Add New button to create a new custom fields group.

On the next step, you can add the custom fields you need as well as set the required information such as the name of the custom fields group, where you want to assign it, and so on. You can click the Add Meta Box button on the right side to publish the custom fields group. You can read this article for more detailed instructions.

To use the custom fields group you have just created, you can create a new page with Elementor (or edit an existing one). Add any widget (i.e. the Heading widget) and go to the left panel to set the content. Instead of typing the text, you can click the database icon. You will a JetEngine options block.

To use the custom fields you have just created, you can select the Custom Field option and select the custom fields you want to use on the Field dropdown menu.
For custom content types like forms, listing grid, or calendar, you need to add the widgets offered by JetEngine (which you can find on the LISTING ELEMENTS widgets block). The concept is the same. You need to create the content first on the JetEngine backend before being able to select any content variable.
In addition to custom content types, JetEngine can also be used to add default dynamic content types of WordPress such as post title, post meta, post excerpt, user profile, post thumbnail, and so on. You can use the Dynamic Field widget, Dynamic Image widget, and Dynamic Meta widget to add default dynamic content types of WordPress.

JetEngine Modules

Again, the default setting of JetEngine can only be used to create listing items, custom post types, custom fields, and custom taxonomies. To be able to create other custom content types like custom calendar, custom gallery, and custom forms, you need to enable the associated modules first. To do so, you can go to JetEngine -> JetEngine on your WordPress dashboard. On the Modules tab, select the modules you want to enable and click the Save button.

As you can see in the image above, there are 10 modules offered by JetEngine.

1. Grid Gallery for Dynamic Field Widget

You can use this module to display the image galleries of the default post type (blog posts). To do so, you need to create a custom fields group and assign it to Posts. Make sure to add the gallery field when adding the custom meta fields.

2. Slider Gallery for Dynamic Field Widget

Same as the first module above, you can also this module to display image galleries of the default post type. The difference is, the images are displayed in a slider form instead of a grid.

3. QR Code for Dynamic Field Widget

You can use this module to display the QR codes using the Dynamic Field widget of JetEngine.

4. Calendar

You can enable this module if you want to create a dynamic calendar with JetEngine. This module is great to create a dynamic event calendar page on your website.

5. Forms

You need to enable this module to create a custom form with JetEngine. The JetEngine Forms module can be used to create a wide range of forms. From a simple contact form, email opt-in form (can be connected to Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and GetResponse), user registration form, front-end content submission form, booking form, and so on. There are 17 field types you can use. Also, you can set conditional logic for form fields.

6. Listing Grid Injections

You can use module to display listing templates with different style settings. For more detailed instructions about listing template, you can read this article.

7. Profile Builder

This module allows you to create personal accounts for the users on your website and gives them the possibility to submit information to your website via a frontend form.

8. Maps Listings

You can use this module to add a dynamic map to a listing item. This module is great to create websites that need map info such as real estate listing sites.

9. Dynamic Visibility for Widgets and Sections

This module allows you to define parameters of visibility for every element on the page. The element will only be displayed if meets certain criteria. You can, for instance, hide a certain element on your website for logged users, users with a certain role, and so on. You can use this module to restrict certain content to certain users dynamically. When this module is enabled, you will see a new options block called Dynamic Visibility on the Advanced tab on the Elementor widget panel.

10. Data Stores

On big websites like Amazon, Goodreads, and IMDb, there are features to add products, books, and movies to wishlist. The Data Stores module is used to add the similar feature to your website. You can also add a like feature and show your users how many times a certain item has been liked by other users.

JetEngine is a great solution if you want to create a dynamic, complex WordPress website with Elementor. It allows you to create and add custom dynamic content types that are not supported by Elementor Pro such as custom post types, custom fields, dynamic calendar, listing items, and so on. Combined with Elementor Pro, you will have deathly ammunitions to create dynamic websites with Elementor although you can also use JetEngine on Elementor Free.

Final Thought – JetEngine Review

The ability to create listing items allows you to create websites like real estate listing websites or directory websites, while the versatile Forms module allows you to create advanced forms like frontend submission form, user registration form, booking form, and so on. JetEngine is a great tool to unlock the power of WordPress as a flexible, fully customized content management system. Without needing to have coding skills, you can create complex websites with it. JetEngine and Elementor are a perfect mate. You can use JetEngine to create the core functions/features of your website and then use Elementor to style them up.

If you have never used a similar plugin before (i.e. ACF as the popular similar plugin), it will take time for you to learn how to use JetEngine. After using it and digging it deeper, you will realize how useful the plugin would be.

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